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Reliable House Removals in Ilkley, Otley and West Yorkshire

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things that people go through. But it doesn’t need to be this way! By using a professional domestic removals company like Ward & Son Carriers, you can ensure that the experience is as pleasant and easy as it can possibly be. Boasting over 42 years’ experience carrying out house removals, we’ve got the process down to a fine science. Whether you’re moving from Ilkley to Otley, or far away from West Yorkshire entirely (we offer nationwide coverage), we’ll get your cherished possessions to their destination safely.

Experts in Domestic Removals near Ilkley & Otley

To begin with, we’ll assess your requirements so we know exactly the scale of the job at hand. House removals can really vary; an Ilkley family of four in a large home with many possessions has different needs to say, a young professional couple living in a single bed flat in Otley. This assessment will allow us to identify any potential problems early on, and plan to overcome them. It’s important that our domestic removals company is prepared and able to get the job done safely and efficiently, and that any hurdles are overcome before the big day itself.


We’ll then hand you a competitive quote that will account for everything you require. Please keep in mind that domestic removals companies are legally obliged to include insurance cover for your belongings.  We offer a professional packing service to all our clients around Ilkley, Otley and wider West Yorkshire, should you wish to leave this part of the job to us. We’re also happy to let you handle the packing or to only pack certain key items – whichever option you’d prefer. Our team aims to be as flexible as possible, and to tailor removals to your precise specifications. If you’re planning on packing your belongings yourself, we can provide any needed materials. This includes wrapping paper, boxes, bubble wrap and similar materials.


If you have items you won’t have space for in your new home, or items you don’t want cluttering up space, then we are able to take these into storage. This is part of the reason why we began to offer storage services to our clients around Ilkley, Otley and West Yorkshire – storage and removals go hand in hand, and we registered great demand for a trustworthy company that could handle each with equal aptitude. Please navigate to its dedicated page to learn more about our storage services.

Benefits of Professional House Removals

Many people moving to or from the Ilkley and Otley areas believe it’s a better idea to carry out DIY house removals than call in the professionals. But there are certain benefits that only come with calling a reputable domestic removals company like Ward & Son Carriers.


It’s Cost Effective – There are a number of reasons why we can be the more cost effective option. Firstly, we have insurance which covers the unlikely event anything is lost or broken in transit. Secondly, we have large vehicles that ensure we only need to make one trip. This means less money spent at the pumps, or on hiring a van suitable for removals.


Stress-free – A professional removals company can take all the stress out of moving. We can pack and organise your belongings for you, and take care of all the manual labour to and from your doorstep to the van. You can sit back and relax, knowing your belongings will turn up to their destination on time and in one piece, whether you’re heading to or from Ilkley, Otley or anywhere else in West Yorkshire.


Time Saving – Allowing our team to take the load off your shoulders, both figuratively and literally, will free-up valuable time that can be better used around the time of your move. Whether it’s getting your first big shop in, liaising with estate agents or the energy company, getting some rudimentary DIY done at the new property, or simply putting your feet up for a well-deserved break – the time is yours to spend how you like.

The next time you’re searching for an affordable, reliable house removals company covering Ilkley, Otley and West Yorkshire, call Ward & Son Carriers on 01132 507 507.