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House Removals in Otley | Packing Advice from Professionals

First time dealing with a removals company? Rest assured you’ve chosen the right team with Ward & Son Carriers. We’ve been providing domestic removals and storage services in the Otley area for over 42 years, and have forged a fantastic reputation for our quality customer service, competitive prices and willingness to go above and beyond for our valued clients. On this page, for those new to house removals, we’ve provided some handy tips on the subject of boxes and how to pack them properly/safely, to ensure your removals experience goes as smoothly as possible.


Please keep in mind that our removals team offers a professional packing service to all Otley clients. Therefore, the below tips on packing boxes are applicable to those who would rather pack their own items before we arrive to carry out house removals.

Boxing Tips from Otley’s Domestic Removals Specialist

Make the most of the space in boxes by filling them to the top, but ensure that they can be closed and their flaps sealed flat. This will ensure that our team can safely stack the boxes on each other when they arrive to your Otley home. Misshaped boxes may need to be repacked, which could take a while. The same goes for when packing boxes to be put in storage.


Another important domestic removals tip, is to never overfill boxes with heavy objects. It’s vital that they are safe to lift, as we want to safeguard our team from injury. You may also injure yourself when moving said boxes about the house, pre removals. The rule we’d urge our Otley clients follow is “if you can lift it, we can lift it”. Any champion weightlifters out there should take this with a pinch of salt! Continuing on the health and safety side of things, make sure sharp objects are wrapped or placed in a suitable container before being placed in a cardboard box.


Once you’ve filled a box, use parcel tape to secure both the bottom and top. It’s not sufficient to merely close the flaps. If you’ve organised your boxes by room, e.g kitchen/longue/bedroom etc, then write on the tape or box which room it’s due to go in. This way our team, on arriving to your new Otley property, can spare you some of the hard work by moving boxes from room to room.


Remember, there’s no point packing endless boxes full of unused items that will only end up cluttering your next property. We provide an affordable storage services to clients in Otley and wider West Yorkshire, so be sure to take advantage of this should you want to maximise the space afforded by your new property!

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