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Storage in Otley | Easier House Removals from Ward & Son Carriers

Otley welcomes its fair share of new homeowners each year and, because many of them use a house removals company for the transition, it’s only natural that there’s an increase in demand for storage. Removals and storage go hand-in-hand and at Ward & Sons Carriers, we know more about domestic removals and storage than most. We’ve covered Otley and the surrounding areas since 1974 – that’s close to 45 years of local and regional experience.


Storage is a popular short-term and long-term choice for those who need somewhere to keep the surplus belongings that so frequently arise during house removals. Moving into a new property in Otley with all personal items, particularly when downsizing, often causes space issues and adds stress to removals; something we prefer to help you avoid.

Simple and Affordable Storage Solutions

We’ve met plenty of people from the Otley area who expect domestic removals and storage to be costly but we have sufficient space at our premises to accommodate your needs at exactly the right price. Ward & Son Carriers reassures all prospective customers that we perform removals at competitive rates and also work hard to keep storage affordable.


Protection – We keep personal belongings at dry, secure and protected storage facilities, close to Otley, with round-the-clock surveillance. The property we store from house removals stays in climate-controlled conditions so our customers never need to worry about their belongings suffering from three major concerns; dampness, mould and mildew.


Outdoor Equipment – Domestic removals focus heavily on the transportation of the things you want to keep inside your new Otley home, or the location you plan to move to. If your new property lacks external storage space, we can house tools, garden machinery, bicycles and other types of outdoor equipment at our local premises until you next need them.


Freedom from Stress – Nobody knows better than Ward & Son Carriers that removals cause stress, especially when you have to be out of your current home, in Otley or elsewhere, by a certain date. If you’re not ready to move into a new property, our storage facilities offer a cost-effective option to keep items safe until you’re ready for your own house removals.


Gaining Space – During domestic removals, many of our Otley customers find personal belongings in lofts or cupboards they can’t always accommodate in a smaller home. Keeping those items in storage until space becomes available, or until there is time to price up items for sale, leaves new properties free of clutter and makes more space available for families.

Arranging Storage with Ward & Son Carriers

At Ward & Sons Carriers, we’ve built our reputation on simple house removals provided to customers in Otley and the surrounding areas at exactly the right price. We know that removals bring up plenty of space and storage issues. Our role, as a trusted service provider, revolves around simple solutions delivered to the customer at exactly the right price.


If you need to discuss domestic removals in Otley, or wish to find out more about our storage facilities in Yeadon, call us today and we’ll do everything possible to make the planning and execution of your relocation as seamless as possible. Ward & Son Carriers is a customer-focused company that puts the importance of people and property first.

Call 01132 507507 to discuss domestic removals and storage in Otley with the experienced team at Ward & Son Carriers – established since 1974.