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Planning Ahead for Domestic Removals in Ilkley

If you’re gearing up to move to or from the Ilkley area, you have a unique opportunity to declutter your home, so when you get to your new residence you’ll be able to utilise every square meter of available space. Whether you’re keen on the idea of DIY house removals, or you’d like to make use of a professional domestic removals company like Ward & Son Carriers, the below tips will help you take stock and get set for the big day.


Remember, as well as offering competitively priced removals, we also offer storage services. So should not have space for certain possessions, but you’re not sure about throwing them out, we can look after them at our premises near Ilkley, until you next require them.

Decluttering Your Home before the Move

Set the Date – It really depends on how large and how currently cluttered your home is, but most “spring cleanings” should take a day or less to complete. Dragging the job out over a number of days is a sure-fire way to make the task more strenuous that it needs to be. Set a solid date well before our house removals team arrives to deal with clutter and rubbish that’s taking up space around your Ilkley home. Pick a date where you won’t be distracted by kids, guests or commitments.


Pen a List – Plan the job room by room, think about what possessions you’ll want our domestic removals professionals to take to your next property, belongings that would be better placed in storage, and things that could even go to the local Ilkley charity shop or tip. The plan needn’t be overly detailed, just enough to give structure to your declutter-thon.


Give it a Good Think – Struggling to identify belongings that aren’t used enough and shouldn’t make the shortlist of what makes the cut? Set a few ground rules e.g if you haven’t worn an item of clothing for over six months, do you really need it clogging up your wardrobe? It’s all about spending some time to give it a think. It’s hard getting rid of items we once paid good money for, but you don’t want to be a hoarder! If you’re really struggling to commit to chucking something away, but know in your right mind that it’ll only take up precious room in your new property, then we can put it in storage for you at our safe facilities near Ilkley – a great middle ground.

Contact Ward & Son Carriers, the Ilkley area’s premier option for domestic removals and storage services, on 01132 507 507.