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Domestic Removals in Ilkley | Careful Planning for Easy Moving

If you’ve been involved in domestic removals before, the chances are that you’ll already have a good awareness of the stress involved. Homeowners and tenants in Ilkley who plan removals carefully enjoy a much smoother transition from one property to another. Those who fail to prepare ultimately prepare to fail. They underestimate the intensity of house removals and forget important arrangements such as the storage of surplus belongings.


Emotions often run high during domestic removals, and it isn’t unusual for things to spill over when they start going wrong. Thankfully, our prospective customers in Ilkley never have to worry about planning removals on their own. At Ward & Son Carriers, we use our five decades of experience to advise them on organising house removals and storage.


We hope the tips in this blog post prove to be helpful to you.


  1. Start planning domestic removals as soon as possible. Preparation matters and we recommend that the good people of Ilkley start thinking about the organisation of removals well ahead of schedule. Often, the process takes longer than expected.
  2. Think about the items and belongings you really need, particularly if you are downsizing. You could sell unwanted clutter to cover the cost of removals, or arrange storage if you’re still unsure about letting sentimental items go.
  3. House removals in Ilkley require plenty of boxes. If you plan to find your own, always look for a good quality boxes that won’t fall apart during transit. Ward & Son Carriers supplies boxes, tape and packaging if you prefer not to source everything personally.
  4. Start storing shopping bags and use them for pillows, duvets, blankets and soft furnishings. Domestic removals generate plenty of dust and dirt. Keeping your bedding clean alleviates worries over soiling and health issues, such as asthma.
  5. Start from the top of your current property, in Ilkley or elsewhere, and work down. Begin with the loft and then the bedrooms. If you fill storage space downstairs too quickly, you won’t have the room to live comfortably ahead of house removals.
  6. Physics and removals go hand-in-hand. If you plan to use our storage facilities near Ilkley, arrange your heaviest boxed items to travel and sit at the bottom, and keep your lighter belongings carefully packed, to the top, so they don’t crush or damage.
  7. Always use a reputable company that specialises in house removals. Man-and-van services might be cheaper, but some advertisers don’t have insurance. If they damage your property during domestic removals, you end up bearing the cost.
  8. Well-planned removals in Ilkley include an inventory of your belongings. Knowing what you have, and where you have put them, helps you to find everything on arrival at your new property. Inventories also help you relocate items placed in storage.
  9. Use plenty of labels during removals. This helps you to identify what has gone into a box, and tells your domestic removals company which room your personal property goes in once everything arrives at your new home. Mark all breakables clearly.
  10. If you feel adventurous, create a colour coding plan to help our house removals team identify what goes to your new home, what goes to our storage facilities near Ilkley and what you wish to keep with you while you’re travelling between properties.


We have a final word for anybody in the Ilkley area needing help with planning domestic removals. It isn’t unusual to lose essential items during house removals, or to get the storage plans wrong. Keep the kettle, some utensils, toilet paper, sleeping bags and a few pillows in separate bags to take with you. We also recommend a few disposable plates.


House removals tend to be a physical and emotional drain. If you want to grab a takeaway and an early night after moving, and leave the unpacking until the following morning, you can do so knowing you have everything you might need immediately to hand.

Call 01132 507507 to discuss domestic removals and storage in Ilkley with the experienced team at Ward & Son Carriers – established since 1974.